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Kohler home generators bring a sense of safety, security and convenience to a home. In your house, generator power can bring light during a summer storm and heat if the power is lost during winter. If power is lost in your community for an extended period of time, a home generator can save you the expense of having to relocate, allowing you to continue your day-to-day life in comfort.

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30 kW Residential Gas

38RCL and 48RCL

Air-cooled Generators

Liquid-cooled Generators

RXT Transfer Switches

Standard Features:
ADC-RES Advanced Digital Control
- Designed for today's most sophisticated electronics
- Electronic speed control responds quickly to varying household demand
- Digital voltage regulation protects your sensitive
electronics from harmonic distortion and unstable power quality
- LED display shows system status and setup information

Engine Features
- Kohler Command PRO® OHV engine with hydraulic valve lifters for reliable performance without routine valve adjustment or lengthy break-in requirements
- Digital Spark Advance Ignition (DSAI) optimizes engine performance for natural gas and LP vapor fuels (12RES only)
- Simple field conversion between natural gas and LP vapor fuels while maintaining emission certification

- 8.5 kW / 12kW Residential Generator - 5.8/12RES
High Quality Power
Kohler home generators provide advanced voltage and frequency regulation along with ultra-low levels of harmonic distortion for excellent generator power quality to protect your valuable electronics.

Extraordinary Reliability
Kohler is known for extraordinary reliability and performance and backs that up with an industry-leading 5-year or 2000 hour warranty.

Powerful Performance
Exclusive Powerboost™ technology provides excellent starting power. The Kohler 14 kW generator can easily start and run a 5 ton air conditioner.*

Corrosion-Proof Enclosure
The bold new Kohler design is completely corrosion proof, even in harsh seaside environments, and is impact-resistant even at --34° C (--30° F).

Fast Response Kohler's unique Fast-Response™ excitation system delivers excellent voltage response and short-circuit capability.

Quiet Operation
Kohler home generators provide quiet, neighborhoodfriendly performance.

- 14 kW / 20kW Residential Generator - Multi-Fuel - LPG/Natural Gas - 14/20RESA
Standard Features:
- Kohler Co. provides one-source responsibility for the generating system and accessories.
- The generator set and its components are prototype-tested, factory-built, and production-tested.
- The 60 Hz generator set is UL 2200 listed.
- The 60 Hz generator set engine is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conform to the New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for stationary spark-ignited emissions.
- Residential generator sets are approved for outdoor installation in stationary standby applications served by a reliable utility source.
- The generator set has a five-year limited warranty.

- 30 kW Residential Gas - 30RESA
Provide more protection for homes and businesses with up to 200-amp electrical service in a small footprint. Ultra quiet, aluminum enclosure standard.

- 38RCL and 48RCL


With a Kohler Generator your home will be powered 24/7...

Why buy a Kohler?
Authorized Kohler Sales, Installation & Service Dealer

Sales, Installation & Service Dealer

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Kohler Air-cooled Generators

Kohler ... Standby Power Advantage.

Your home is a busy place and a commercial-grade KOHLER automatic home generator keeps that rhythm going by providing dependable protection during unexpected power outages. Available with 8.5 to 100kW output capabilities, KOHLER home generators provide worry-free emergency power to support your electrical needs for days, or even weeks. Clean, quiet, automatic backup power - just what your family needs to be safe and comfortable.

Automatic, hands-off operation

In the event of a utility power outage, the transfer switch - working in tandem with the generator - automatically starts the generator to restore power to the home, whether you're home or away.

Fast backup power

KOHLER home standby generators restore power within 10 seconds of an outage.


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